Delta Flexible Harrows

The Delta Flexible Harrow has been designed with flexibility that allows for a broad range of applications. Here are a few in which it excels:

Turf Management: Unmanaged turf becomes heavily thatched and compacted, preventing healthy growth from reaching its full potential.  The Delta Flexible Harrow stimulates growth by surfacing the dead material, aerating the soil, and strengthening the grasses.  A small section on a drawbar or 3-point is all you need to tow behind your yard vehicle.

Gravelled or dirt roadway maintenance: Gravel roads or dirt paths are quickly smoothed, levelled, dried and manicured.  Hook a small drawbar and section up to your quad, or a 3-point hitch attachment to your garden tractor to make a quick job of driveway maintenance.

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Delta Spreaders

Broadcasting seed & fertilizer is a cost-effective method to apply material for many forage, cereal and cover crops, as well as conservation landscaping.

S3 Delta Harrows introduces an efficient, simple, broadcast spreader to cover land sizes from acreage yards to large pasture or hay fields. S3 Delta Spreaders can be used alone or together with Delta harrow modules and carriers to create the ideal combination.

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